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Marca specializes in business & personal Branding Success. Our services include; graphic design, logo design, brand development & website design. Our team offers fast turn-around, quality work and exceptional customer service.

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Logo & Graphic Design

Let Marca help create the “smile” of your business. The logo, or what we like to call “the smile,” is something that needs to represent your business, talk to your audience, and provide a powerful foundation for your company. While a logo isn’t the entire brand, it provides the building blocks to create one.

Brand Identity

Marca knows branding. We help corporate, personal, and small business brands make their mark. We build brands that people will relate to & remember. Our designers understand each business is unique, so each brand should be, too!

Website Design

We design dynamic websites that convert. Our method goes beyond design. Our team does the backend research to ensure your traffic turns into loyal customers and ensure 100% user satisfaction.

Your logo is your smile. Your website and touch points are your personality. How you leave the customer feeling after their experience with you, is your trademark.

Fearless Leaders

We lead by example. We put our clients first and live by the motto, “Success only happens with proper execution”. We don’t like to waste time or money, so we won’t waste yours. We treat all our clients’ investments like our own. So don’t think of us as your agency, but as a part of your team!

Michael McAleenan

Michael McAleenan

Creative Founder

Jeanine Suah

Jeanine Suah

Content Director

Jeremy Dolan

Jeremy Dolan

Director of Engineering


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